If you are looking for tools to get a better understanding of statistical concepts or machine learning methods, check out my top resources for statistics and machine learning.

If you are new here, don’t forget to check out Biostatsquid’s guided tutorials and step-by-step guides for data analysis. I try to explain statistical concepts applied to biological analyses in an easy way. I am here to help, so please leave a comment below if there are any topics you would like to see explained. You might also want to check my Youtube channel to follow coding tutorials and explanations with me!

Here are some of my favourite resources that really helped me when trying to understand (bio)STATISTICS!


StatQuest with Josh Starmer is an absolute gem. He has a Youtube channel with great explanations of statistical concepts and machine learning tools, but also a webpage (and a book!). He really keeps things simple and straight to the point. I still watch his videos from time to time to refresh on some concepts, they’re really well explained!

R2D3 is a great webpage to get an intuitive understanding of machine learning! Really cool graphics to visualise basic concepts in machine learning like bias and variance, and decision trees. Can’t wait for the team to publish part 3!

Doctor Penguin publishes weekly summaries and discussions of the top papers of the week by leading researchers in the field of AI in healthcare. Really recommend you subscribe to their newsletter if you’d like to keep up to date!

Distill has really clear and interactive explanations of ML concepts. It was a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering ML from 2016-2021. Highly recommend!

What did you think of these statistics and machine learning resources and tools?

Are there any other resources you would like to see here?

If you have recommendations on more bioinformatic tools for beginners, intermediate or advance levels, leave a comment in the comments section below so I can add it to the list:)


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