Computational Biology & Biostatistics


Simple and clear explanations of biostatistics methods, statistical concepts and more! I try to keep them maths-free and straight to the point, with many examples of biological applications.


Here you can find step-by-step tutorials to manage your data and create pretty visualisations for your publications. I mainly post coding tips in R and Python. Check out my Youtube videos to follow & code with me!


Interesting & useful tools for computational biology! Some of the best resources that are out there to help you:

  • analyse your biological data
  • improve your coding skills
  • or just marvel at the amazing world of computational biology!

If you are a biologist, find out why (bio)data science is cool.

And super useful.

And super fun.

If you are into bioinformatics, then you already know.

Youtube videos on biostatistics, coding tutorials and more!

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Explore some of my favourite bioinformatic tools here:

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